April, 2024
April, 2024
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Promotional code
Promotional code

What is a promotional code and what is it for?

With a discount code or promotional code, you will get other benefits in addition to the basic rate conditions.

How to use it?

If you already have a code, enter it in the Promotional Code field and start the reservation process. If the reservation meets the conditions of the code, it will be automatically applied to the reservation.

General conditions of use:

A promotional code can only be applied to the room and board portion of your reservation.

Any discounts associated with your promotional code cannot be applied to the complementary product portion of the reservation.

Only one promotional code can be applied to a reservation.

Tequendama Hoteles reserves the right to apply or not apply a promotional code.

Apart from the general conditions of use, each promotional code has specific conditions.

These conditions can be viewed on the campaign or offer information page related to the code (for example, code expiration dates and hotels to which the code can be applied).

CSEC Policy


In compliance with Law 599 of 2000 and Law 1329 of 2009, the following regulations are issued that allow us to comply with standards for the protection of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, such as the guidelines stipulated in the Law for the entry of minors under 18 years of age. to the Tequendama Hoteles facilities, complying with the prohibitions for the hotel sector.

1. Minors must not be allowed into hotels for the purposes of prostitution or sexual abuse.

2. You must not give information to tourists directly or through employees about places where you coordinate or where sexual services to minors are provided.

3. Minors must not be allowed into their guest rooms without complying with the legal requirements.

4. If the minor enters with the parents, both must present a copy of their citizenship card and a copy of the civil birth registration or identity card.

5. If the minor is accompanied by a second-degree relative: The family member must provide a notarized and authentic document certifying that the minor is authorized by his or her parents to be with him or her.

Without exception, when the person accompanying the minor does not comply with what is described above and with the aim of guaranteeing the integrity of the minor, the minor and his or her companion will be prevented from leaving the Tequendama Hotels facilities and the Police will be called. Childhood and Adolescence to take charge of the case

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